Acne Scar Cream

i'd like to find a home remedy for acne scars on my face. I was wondering if acne scar creams work well enough for moderate scaring. Was looking at Sudden Change Acne Scar Diminishing Cream which has salycilic acid and green team

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Home remedy for acne scars

It is unlikely for an over the counter cream to improve moderate acne scars.  A quick google search revealed that this topical is inexpensive.  It did have some favorable reviews, but it is often difficult for me to discern whether these were written by patients or retailers of the cream.  Salicylic acid is often used for treating acne.  Depending on the concentration, it can create a mild peeling effect.  If scars are moderate, it is likely that more significant peeling or resurfacing is necessary to appreciate any significant improvement.  This can be achieved with dermabrasion, chemical peels, or laser resurfacing.  Good luck!! 

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