27 Yrs Old. Problematic Sensitive Skin/facial Marks. Scars? Best Thing to Fix This? (photo)

Having more breakouts.Proactive never helped so like an idiot,I messed w/them trying to extract them on the sides of my nose, &above/below my lipline.But in doing this I thought I was being gentle enough not to leave any marks.Barely pressing.Most of stuff didn't even come out so i left it alone.I have since noticed marks/shallow indents on sides of nose that weren't there & lines on lips,uneven lipline w/'white spots' on vermilion border,where pigment disappeared? Can I fix this?Very upsetting!

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Scar treatments

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Well, without seeing detailed photos it is impossible to suggest a treatment plan. In short, it is extremely likely that a treatment plan CAN be formulated. I would recommend a two-pronged approach: 1. Treat the acne; and 2. Treat the marks and scars.

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