I Am Only 18 and I Have Unsymmetrical Smile Lines? Thanks for Your Time. (photo)

What caused this? Is it stress? No one in my family have this problem and also I only noticed my smile lines being unsymmetrical recently. What is the underlining problem? What can I do to fix the underlining problem instead of going for the quick fix. Is there a natural cure where I eat something, or do an exercise, etc. How can I change these unsymmetrical smile lines back permanently into symmetrical lines? Thank you so much, as your answer means dearly to me.

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Nasolabial fold asymmetry

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Everyone is asymmetrical.  One eye is higher.  One ear is higher, etc.  Your NLF's are a bit asymmetrical.  There is no exercise or food that can even them up.  Often we are called to try to even out asymmetries.  In your case an experienced injector may be able to even things out a bit with a filler.  

Assymetrical Smile lines

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No one is symmetrical (equal on both sides). Some, are less symmetrical than others.


Smile lines are treated with a variety of injectable fillers including: Perlane, Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse, Artefill, and Silicone (not FDA approved for this purpose). Of all of these treatments, Artefill and Silicone offer long-term benefits, while the other treatments last 6-12 months (average).

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