I Am a 14 Year Old Boy and Want to Be a Girl?

I've always liked girl stuff and i always felt like a girl but with my parents telling me, ( oh why you doing that thats homosexual stuff ), i did'nt understand why they were saying that until they told me repeatedly im a boy, i felt sadness and stress sence then... i told my parents how i felt and if i can get any help, they were accepting me at first but then they just started denieng me constantly, so all im trying to say is, i want help for myself but i know i cant get parent permission..

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Young patient with MtF (Male to Female) Gender Identity Dysphoria

You are in a stressful situation and need to find a sympathetic counselor to help you move forward.  If your parents are not supportive see your school guidance counselor.  If you care to contact me I can help you find an appropriate therapist in your home town.  A good resource is the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (google search WPATH).


Good luck!

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