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Prevelle vs Juvederm or Restylane?

What is the difference between Prevelle, Juvederm and Restylane. If they are all hyaluronic fillers what makes Prevelle different? READ MORE

Is Prevelle Painful?

I had Juvederm injections well over six months ago. All is gone except a long "roll" down the side of my mouth. I felt that the Dr. was... READ MORE

Prevelle Vs. Prevelle Silk - What's the Difference?

What is the difference between Prevelle and Prevelle Silk? READ MORE

Prevelle - What Areas Does It Work For?

What areas does Prevelle Silk and Prevelle work on? READ MORE

Brusing After Prevelle or Tyndall Effect?

Hi, I had prevelle silk injected into the tear trough areas under my eyes, and it has only been two days since, the doctor said that I would have some... READ MORE

When Will Prevelle Silk Lumps Go Away?

I had Prevelle Silk injected around my mouth about 10 days ago and at first thought I had some decent results but now some lumps have appeared and I... READ MORE

What is Prevelle?

What is Prevelle and what is Prevelle Silk? READ MORE

Is Prevelle FDA Approved?

Are Prevelle Silk and Prevelle FDA-approved? READ MORE

Prevelle Risks or Side Effects

What are the risks of side effects of Prevelle Silk and Prevelle? What should be known before getting the treatments? READ MORE

Why Do I Still Have Tear Troughs After Almost a Whole Syringe of Prevelle?

I had prevelle injected into my "tear trough" area almost a week ago, I still have some light brusing and really no difference, it looks... READ MORE

Skin Test Before Prevelle - Allergic Reaction?

Can Prevelle cause an allergic reaction? Is a skin test needed before before getting Prevelle injections? READ MORE

Prevelle for Dark Circles?

Does Prevelle work good for dark circles? How long does it last in that area? I heard it's a great option because its soft and doesn''t create lumps. READ MORE

Can Pelleve heated to 47 Degrees cause fat loss?

If a doctor were to heat the Pelleve machine to 47-50 degrees, would that possibly cause permanent fat loss? READ MORE

1)Can prevelle silk hyaluronic acid gel filler cause hard tender bumps in lower Lips and inflammation 6 weeks after treatment

Oct25th PREVELLE Silk was injected into lower and upper lip halfsyringe normal bruising light swelling cleared up looked great for 6weeks Dec 4th... READ MORE

Grateful for any answer/resources that can be given. Prevelle silk (thought) lip injection done years ago, small little bumps?

Let me elaborate. I had what I thought was (didn't trust "doctor") who did it---Prevelle (what I thought) lip injections. They were bruised for weeks,... READ MORE

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