How Much Fat is Required to Improve Appearance of Hands?

My doctor told me about the possibility to improve my 'skeleton' hands appearance with my own fat. The really annoying part is she just removed from my body 3 liters of pure fat! How much fat is needed for hands? Is this small enough to be harvested right know or should I wait a period and ask a new lipo? Is it enough one fat transfer procedure or I need more? Btw, is the fat grafting possible on the feet’s surface also? Thx.

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Fat Transfer to the Aging Hands

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This is a very rewarding procedure. It improves the appearance of the aging hand by decreasing the show of bones, tendons, and veins on the back of the hand. I place between 10-15 cc per hand. Common donor sites are the knees, thighs, love handles, and tummy. Not much fat is needed for this procedure. 

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Making Hands and Feet look younger with Fat Transfer

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The aging hands (and feet) lose their fat covering and along it, their roundness and softness, to reveal more tendons and blood vessels. While several fillers can be used in the hands the best filler remains your own fat. But, unlike fat transfer into the face or buttocks where there may be an ample blood supply to support and keep these grafts alive, fat grafting to the hands is associated with a higher failure rate owing to the scarcer blood supply.

Most Plastic surgeons are uncomfortable suggesting procedures to their patients except under obvious circumstances (such as nose job when a chin implant would greatly enhance the result or a full tummy tuck when a mini tummy tuck would not achieve the patient's goals). But hand rejuvenation rarely comes up when discussing liposuction. Unless the patient raises the topic, most surgeons understand patients are vulnerable and do not want to find fault with their patients and risk offending them.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Fat injections for the hands

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I am not familiar with anyone injection the tops of the feet with fat injections, but theoretically it could be done, but would have a higher rate of failure of the fat cells to live because of a lack of oxygen in the area (the feet don't have the best circulation) and there might be a higher infection rate.  Some hands only need 3 - 5 ccs and others need 10 ccs per hand to effect a good result Often it does take a series of treatments as not all of the fat cells live in the new area. Additional series of fat injections can be done every two to three months. It usually is not difficult to aspirate the amount of fat needed fresh each session so I don't think you need to be conerned about just having had liposuction unless you are extremely underweight.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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