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Stitches Left in Eye After Pinguecula Removal

I had a pinguecula removed over a month ago. The doctor left in the plastic stitches because he said they were healed over. Another stitch he left... READ MORE

The vision of my right eye has a warm tint, and is less bright than the left.

The vision of my left eye seems normal, but the vision of my right eye, I've noticed has developed a yellow hue to it, everything is tinted slightly... READ MORE

What correction eye surgery would be best for me?

I have-12,75 sph -1 cyl right eye and -10,75sph -1cyl left eye READ MORE

Pilocar Eye Drops for Vision Correction?

I have -0.5D power in both eyes, and I am gonna join the merchant navy. I went to best docs in my city and everybody said no for Lasik because I don't... READ MORE

Can Lumigan Be Used for Eye Color Change?

Hi, I've been wearing colored contact lenses for years now. I have blue eyes but find that green or brown eyes suit my complexion much better.... READ MORE

Ghosting Vision, Dry Eyes?

Ghosting vision,both eyes only at distance, worse low light. Much better daylight, but distances very slightly doubled. Pinhole test, perfect.... READ MORE

Whats is the Average Pupil Size?

In daylight and darkness. I'm 28 and wondering what it should be around? READ MORE

I Have a Ghost Vision?

Hi im 23 years old and the last 2 years my vision starts to be poor first it starts with a blurry vision and last 2 months i did an eye test and i... READ MORE

Blurry vision with RGP lenses - Normal?

I just got my RGP lenses, I've been wearing custom soft toric for my left and a spherical for my right (near sighted). my vision is really blurry... READ MORE

Can I Get Contact Lenses w/ an Astigmatism?

I am blind in my right eye since birth. I HAVE to use glasses to see. I want to get contacts, but have been told I can't due to an astigmatism.... READ MORE

My Contacts Are Monovision, I Have to Wear my Single Vision Glasses for 2 Weeks and Having Hard Time. Any Suggestions

My Contacts  Are Monovision, I Have to Wear my Single Vision Glasses for 2 Weeks and Having Hard Time. Any Suggestions READ MORE

Had Capsulotomy Laser Done

When is your sight meant to be better mines is just the same after getting done yesterday is this too quick to tell READ MORE

Why Have my Eyes Started to Ooze a Serum?

My eyes have begun to ooze a "serum", not tears and they have started getting lumps on the lids or eyeballs. Now the right one seems to be shrinking?... READ MORE

Bags and Swelling Under Eyes, From My New Contacts? (photo)

Hello, I noticed swelling under both of my eyes yesterday. They look like bags and are red. They used to have dry bits of skin on them, but I've been... READ MORE

Do eyeglasses improve your eyesight or makes it worse?

I have heard people say that eyeglasses improves your eye vision and some say that the vision will get worse wearing the glasses. is any of that true? READ MORE

Continuous Wear Contact Lenses, What are Safer Alternatives?

I have noticed many optometrists no longer seem to recommend or prescribe extended wear lenses (silicone hydrogel) for continuous wear (and in some... READ MORE

Does the iColour eye drop brand actually change your eye color? (Photos)

Will these eye drops change your eye colour permanently? READ MORE

Removing Artisan Lens from my eye?

Hi doctor .. I just implanted an Artisan type lens in my right eye .. I wand to remove it to avoid long term complication ..I want to know the risks... READ MORE

What has caused my eyes to be this way? (Photo)

My eye which is bigger, being my right eye , is extremely weak . When I close my left eye , all I see is blurs, only my left eye helps my eyesight. I... READ MORE

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