My 2 Yr Son Ran into a Corner. Should I Get Surgery Done on my Child or Will the Scar Not Be Ugly and Will His Hair Grow Back

Doctor was goin to put sutures but because my child moved too much he glued it and put stairi strips. The cut looks like it will heal open or as if he has a dent.

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Facial lacerations

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I do not do much of this emergency room work any more mostly because of health insurance company problems and federal government mandates regarding emergency care. I have sutured 100s of these injuries in the past and would always request that the child be sedated during the suturing. All emegency rooms have protocols for this so the anesthetic is safe. I think it is cruel to try and suture a moving screaming child or infant. My personal experience with this skin glue has never been good so I abandoned it a long time ago. To minimize the scarring after such injuries you need to have healthy sharp skin edges that directly meet. If you let the edges separate the scar will always be worse. Usually the skin cuts are made by less than sharp objects so the lacerationg edges need to be cut prior to surgery. You cannot do this across the eyebrow because thn you will permanently lose eyebrow hairs.

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