Developed bumps on my forehead? (Photo)

I have many bumps on my forehead that I've never suffered with before and they're showing no signs of going. Up until my 20s I never had acne at all but with treatment my skin was flawless again after 6 months. A year later I now have these, what are they and how do I get rid of them?!? They don't hurt but they do become inflamed when I've picked them before in search of something to squeeze!

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These are papules (small bumps)

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One way of categorizing acne is based on the type of lesion that exists. This would be called papular acne in your case. The papule are usually red and inflamed - but yours aren't. Sometimes these definitions don't fully describe what is happening in the skin, and with your photograph I think a better term would be micro cysts - very tiny cysts, almost like milia. Many of these may need manual or microsurgical extraction by an aesthetician. The next step is decongesting the skin with good skin care products (specifically alpha hydroxy acid) and possibly in office chemical peels. In my practice this type of acne sometimes is related to dietary issues or food intolerance (think dairy and sugar). Hope this helps you! See a good physician that will truly take the time to figure this out.

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