1 Year Old w/ Forehead Cut

My 1-year old got a small but deep cut to her forehead (slightly less than 1/4 inch). The hospital glued it together and placed steristrips. Now 2 weeks later the cut is healed over on the surface but there is still a small gap between the edges. The result is a very little but unsightly hole when she furrows her brow. Any ideas if this 'seam' should come together over time? Would using steristrips over time possibly help? Thanks, Concerned mother

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Forehead scars can be improved with laser and scar surgery

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The scar will improve with time.  However, if you wish to treat the forehead scar to prevent permanent visibility, I would recommend a combination of percutaneous scar release and fractional laser in my practice. 

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No treatment needed for the youngster's scar for now.

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The picture that you posted suggests that healing is proceeding more or less normally.  I wouldn't recommend any active treatment.  Let the process come to completion.  This may take many months in a child.  Scar creams don't work.  Just keep the remodeling scar out of the sun as best as possible.

Pediatric scars

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Scars will mature with time amd most of the time they will get better. But, as the child is growing, scars also stretch and may widen.

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