Treatments for my Wrinkles and Stressed out Skin?

What are the best treatments for me? I have had an extremely stressful year and I have noticed a hugh difference in my eyes they are very dehydrated loads of deep lines and wrinkles. The rest of my skin is very good and always was.

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Treatments for Wrinkles and Stressed out skin

There different options in  which you can partake in. The primary one is to use high quality skin care products containing active ingredients such as alpha-hydroxyl acids, retinol (Vit.A) and antioxidants - Vit C and E. For the eye area, use an eye treatment containing hyaluronic acid for maximum hydration and plumping, twice a day everyday. For the rest of the areas, you may wish to consider having chemical peels for cell regeneration and elimination of dead skin cells. On a weekly basis you should exfoliate with a gentle scrub for softening the lines and also brightening the complexion and tone of the skin. Avoid using alcohol based ingredients not to cause more dehydration. Lastly, you may consider investing in injections such as Botox and Juvederm for bringing volume to your skin and softening the deep lines and wrinkles. Regarding stress, exercising is key to improving your overall state of being and health, including your skin. Yoga is a great option.  

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Wrinkles and aging

The best treatment for wrinkles and aged skin is to start sun protection now. It is proven that it is never too late to start. Then I start my patients on some kind of retinoid therapy. There are lots of new skin care lines available with good scientific evidence-we use Obagi.

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