Best Procedure for Facial Wrinkling and Sagging Chin?

I am a very youngish 70 years old and am not happy with the wrinkles on my face and around my eyes, and the sagging on my neck. My skin is light with some freckling and pigmentation. I am an esthetician, but have never had any work on my face, (not even Botox). What wrinkle treatment and skin tightening procedures do you suggest?

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Wrinkle treatment over 60

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As the skin of the face ages there are several things that take place which can accentuate wrinkles. We often begin to loose fatty tissue and therefore volume in our face which tends to have a deflationary effect taking one from an appearance of youth, which typically has a more rounded facial appearance to an elongated or skeletonized look. This coupled with a generalized thinning of the dermal layer of skin and weakened elastic fibers contirbutes to wrinkling. The severity of any one of these processes will determine the most effective treatment or combination of treatments.

If there is significant soft tissue laxity and deflation then a facelift may be the first course of treatment to remove this laxity and help restore volume which will begin to soften the wrinkles. This may then be followed by skin resurfacing with either a laser or chemical peels to further iron out any remaining fine lines. To the extent that some of these lines persist, sof ttissue fillers such as Radiesse, Restylane or Juvaderm will often lend further improvment.

In patients who don't have significant skin laxity, skin resurfacing combined with fillers and botox (to weaken the muscles pull on the skin) may be all that is necessary to achieve a succesful rejuvenation.

The best way to determine which treatment is right for you is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon who will be able to help guide you through your options.

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