Treatment Options for Dynamic Cheek Wrinkles?

I'm 34, and I have fair skin and thin face. I grew up in a sunny country so my skin is showing the signs of sun damage and premature aging. Essentially, the skin on my cheeks has thinned out and it bunches up when I smile. These wrinkles are most noticable on the top of the apple of my cheek and radiating out from my dimples. At the moment, they only show up when I smile but I'd like to take action before they get deeper. What options are there for treating these dynamic concertina-like cheek wrinkles?

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Botox can cause problems when injected on cheek lines

Don’t do Botox for these lines as it will affect your smile and possibly induce difficulty speaking and eating. Botox is fine for crows’ feet but not for the apple of the cheek lines. Any resurfacing will temporarily improve the lines but they will come back with wide smile activity. Thin fillers can be used but if there are no lines at rest then you risk having lumps when not smiling. You may have to put up with being happy but having lines when smiling.

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Volumizing and laser resurfacing can do wonders for this

Volumizing and laser resurfacing can do wonders for this. Wrinkles occur in large part because the distance between your muscles of facial movement and your skin decreases allowing the muscles to exert more influence on the skin. This results in wrinkles a lot of times.

Resurfacing with CO2 lasers is just one way to decrease the wrinkles. But this doesn't improve this distance that volumizing can with fillers and fat injections. Aging is like the grape turning into a raisin. I like to take the approach of filling up the grape first and then using resurfacing to decrease the little wrinkles of the fuller grape. It is a lot harder to remove the big wrinkles of a raisin when the volume is so much less.

I would consider filling up your cheeks with fat or other fillers and then reducing the wrinkles with some resurfacing for a long term improvement that can last up to 10 years or more.

Philip Young, MD
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