What is the best procedure to help me lose a dress size?

Over pregnacy, I gained weight very evenly, and don't really have bulges of fat. But after losing 50 pounds of baby weight, I cannot get down to the dress size I want. I want to fit in to a size smaller pants than now--ONLY ONE SIZE AWAY!!! But for the last 8 years, I haven't been able to di it. Is there any procedure that can help me lose size from love-handles, thighs, and glutes? Just a few inches. Thank you

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What is the best procedure to help me loose a dress size

Hi and thank you for your question

You want something that is reversible and effective. As a procedure, my recommendation would be the intragastric balloon. It is effective, safe and reversible. However, it would be prudent to know a bit more about your body measurements as it is always better to know more details before advising on specific procedures. It is possible you don't need a procedure but rather a more target-oriented diet

Best of luck

There are many ways to lose a dress size

The specifics of your mommy makeover depend on the appearance of your trouble areas. Without a photo, there is no way to zero in on the exact approaches that would be best for you. Schedule a consultation or post photos for better information.

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