Will Fat Grafting of the Cheecks Reduce the Appearance of Acne Scars?

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Fat injection is not a first choice for acne scars

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Fat grafting is an excellent technique with beautiful results when applied properly.  It is best for filling out areas like the cheeks-lower eyelids, lips, smile lines and even buttocks.  It is injected under the skin to fill it out.  Acne scars are in the skin itself and will not be affected much by fat injection placed under the skin.  If there is a particularly deep acne scar, fat injection may help but again, it is not usually the best choice.  One good option is fractional laser resurfacing.  This can improve various types of acne scars.  Depending on the type of fractional laser treatment, there is as little as a day of downtime to about one week.  The results can be quite nice.  Good luck!

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