What Are the Latest Trends in Acne Treatment?

Are there new acne treatments coming to the market that work better than current ones? 

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Diet Treatment of Acne

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Some of the latest trends in acne treatment don't even involve medications. You are on the right track to think that diet may play a role in the developement of acne. Diet change is worth a try and would probably help to a degree with acne. Acne in the minds of many nutritionalists is in large part a food-borne illness–that is, it is preventable by changing what you eat. Acne is non-existent in non-Westernized populations (such as the Inuit, Okinawa islanders, Ache hunter-gatherers, and Kitavan islanders, all of whom do not consume dairy products), suggesting that acne is largely, if not completely, caused by diet. A study in 2011 in Korea, which followed a total of 1285 participants (783 with acne and 502 as control), supports this idea, concluding that “a high glycemic load diet, dairy food intake, high fat diet, and iodine in Korean foods appear to play a role in acne exacerbation.”

Acne treatments - The Perfecta laser

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My patients have been delighted with the results of the perfecta laser for acne treatments. The Perfecta laser can be effective for young people and for adult acne.

Michael Law, MD
Raleigh-Durham Plastic Surgeon
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Diet, green tea, hormones: "New" acne therapies

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Although dermatologists used to refute the claim that diet impacted acne, there is now new research on increased carbohydrate intake / glycermic load and higher incidence of acne.

Additionally, topical green tea (formulated in cleansers and serums, not tea bags on your skin) has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects similar to low-strength benzoyl peroxide without causing irritation. Such products are typically available in dermatologists' offices.

Finally, hormonal therapies such as oral contraceptive pills and spironolactone can be used to treat certain kinds of acne. It is best to have a dermatologist evaluate your skin and medical history in order to determine if any of these therapies are suitable for you.

Reena Rupani, MD
New York Dermatologist

Acne can be stubborn

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I am not aware of any new acne treatments coming to market. Drug companies are constantly reformulating and combining older active ingredients, but the only new molecule for the treatment of acne in the last 10 years is dapsone gel (brand name Aczone gel) which came out last year and while I have had good results using it on patients, I am not sure if it is really any better than any of our current medications.

Aczone gel is useful for the simple reason that by having another drug that has a different mechanism of action, it will help some people that don't respond to other medications. Another relatively new acne treatment is photodynamic therapy (a procedure done with a laser at your dermatologist's office). Don't forget that if nothing else you try gets rid of your acne, there is always Accutane which is remarkably consistent in its efficacy.

Todd Minars, MD
Miami Dermatologist

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