What is the Longest Lasting Wrinkle Treatment?

Is there any treatment for moderate wrinkles on the face that will last for years? 

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Long Lasting Not Always the Best

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Whenever I hear about a patient developing problems with long lasting fillers I am glad some of my innate conservatism has restrained me from using them. There are a number of long lasting fillers and treatments available, but at this time they have various degree of risk. Some have fallen by the wayside such as the Contour Lift, others were moribund but seem to have been resuscitated such as Artefill and still others seem to be developing more problems with time such as Sculptra.

If you are really concerned about these wrinkles you might investigate Radiesse which does have less complications than the above and lasts a year to a year and a half.

Also, there are more expensive alternatives such as IPL, Fractionated lasers (with Fraxel, Pixel, SmartXide Dot) and Medium depth chemical peels.

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