What is Lipotherme Laser?

What is laser lipotherm treatment? How is it compared to smart lipo or cool lipo? When is it better than other lasers for fat around the bra line and backside?

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Lipotherme laser-assisted liposuction

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Lipotherme is the laser-assisted liposuction device made Osyris, a French company. It is a continuous-wave 980 nm diode laser with up to 25W of power. It has been FDA-approved for about a year here in the States.

Smart Lipo is a 1064 nm YAG laser, as is CoolLipo. They are made by different companies and are pulsed-wave lasers.

I have used Smartlipo and Lipotherme and can tell you that Lipotherme is more consistent in its results and in its heating of the tissues. I prefer it.

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