What is Arnica Montana?

What is Arnica Montana? How is Arnica Montana different from other kinds of Arnica?

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Arnica Montana and Bruising, Inflammation, and Ecchymoses

Arnica montana is an effective medicine dervied from the flower that is native to the European and Asian continents. It has been used for centuries to reduce inflammation, bruising, and swelling associated with trauma. The commercially available options are plentiful, however, I typically advise my patients to be cautious about non-standardized formulations.

I recommend Arnica montana capsules such as Sinecch and BruiseKare. Topical forms include Bruisestick, which is available commercially.

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Arnica Montana

Arnica is an herb that is sometimes prescribed to minimize brusing after surgery.  I personally do not prescribe it, because studies that are in the literature do not support the findings that is better than not taking it all.

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