I'm having a hard time losing weight and getting an erection. I'm 33. I exercise everyday. (photo)

I can't get horny at all and I can't lose the 50lbs I want to lose. I'm a single father and when I get with a woman I don't get horny at all. Idk what to do or take to get aroused. I can' afford to much right now but I want to get my life back. I'm happy with my penis size. I'll be really happy once I lose the weight. Here lately I don't talk to any women because I'm insecure about my body.

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Lose weight

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Sounds like you may have a testosterone deficiency. Check with your doctor and get a testosterone level done. You want it optimized to >500. Doing so will help you lose weight too, but you still need to do a weight loss program.Losing weight is not easy for most people who are overweight. A lot depends on you and your   personality type, lifestyle, metabolism, and attitude. If you want to learn how to lose weight and keep it off for the rest of your life, you should do a program that encompasses all these aspects. Three main aspects for losing weight are eating right, exercising adequately, and getting support regularly. A restricted diet is necessary, such as < 1000 cals/day. Limit carbs such as sweets, breads, pastas; make sure you eat enough protein, at least 50 gm/day; eat lots of vegetables and some low glycemic fruits; some nuts and oils, such as olive oil.  Exercise regularly, every day if you can, with good vigorous activities. See a diet counselor or physician at least every other week; if you have a support person, use them. For further information on my plan, The True Diet, go to my website (see link below). I also utilize methods to change your metabolism, to make sure hormones are optimized, to lower inflammation, and much more. It’s not just calories in should be less than calories out. Good Luck.

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