Best Weight Loss Treatment for 19 Year Old?

I am 5'7" and 192 lbs. I have struggled with my weight for the past 6-7 yrs. I have dieted, exercised and even fasted but I would never get passed 180 lbs. I hate taking pills so I could never go near diet pills and I have now come to my last resort... surgery.

The only problem is I think I am too big for Smart lipo and too "small" for Gastric bypass. What do you professionals recommend? (Not to mention I'm 19 y.o., I'm not sure if thats a factor to consider.)

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Other options

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hi. thank for the question.

maybe you are to small for the gastric bypass, but their are more options for patient with lower bmi, like supervised diet, maybe read about paleo's diet (100% avoid sweets, flour, sodas, even diets sodas, light products), try to focus in all food that you can fishing, hunting or gathering, cooked in the most natural way possible, not breaded, fried. creams or stewed, preferably baked, broiled or grilled, this type of nutrition is for how's want to lose fat tissue only but is extremely necessary to do exercises. Gastric Plicature and Sleeve gastrectomy other bariatric surgeries that in some cases can be done in patients with type I Obesity safely but is not 100% approved by all bariatric societies and not all the surgeons like it. My opinion is that this surgery in type 1 obesity have successful results in losing all the excess weight safety.
in your case I recommended to you to try with Paleo's Diet and Weight left.
Please let know your progress 
When you arrived near your desired weight or like 170 to 175 lbs pounds is a good moment to look for a plastic surgeon.
God bless you.

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Weight loss techniques

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All diets ultimately fail. What you should do is to visit with a specialized weight loss clinic supervised by an MD, a dietician, and personal trainers. What you need is a makeover in all areas like you see on TV's Biggest Loser. All people can lose weight if their calorie intake is less than their calorie expendature. Exercise and lean muscle mass are also critical and ironically, you need to eat to lose weight.

Medically or Professionally supervised weight loss.

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Surgery is not a cure and can be temporary. No matter what the procedure, it is likely that you can gain weight. I would seek the assistance of a supervised course of weight loss with portion controls (i.e. weight watchers or Jenny Craig) and/or the use of dietary supplements under the observation of a professional.

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