Best Treatment for Uneven Skin Pigmentation Due to Vitiligo?

I have vitiligo and at one point had a laser treatment named B-clear. The colour did come back, but not evenly. My facial skin is a combination of dark and lighter patches. What is the best treatment for me to lighten the darker patches? I have dark skin.

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Lighten Dark Areas

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It certainly is easier to lighten dark patches than vice versa.

I ;would recommend a hydroquinone at 4% if it is legal in the UK. AddRetinA to the face as a whole and apply thehydroquinone to the patches alone. Test in the crook of your asrm for two days, twilce a day, to make sure you are not allergic to the hydroquinone. If you develop redness durilng treatment stop the hydroquninone since you may have developed an allergy.

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