How Can I Get Rid of Vertical Lines Above my Lip?

I have tried Juvederm before and it didn't really help. My body seemed to absorb it. I am having regular microdermabrasion treatments (every five weeks), but the lines aren't going away and make me look old.

I am olive skinned and have heard peels and laser resurfacing may be risky for my coloring. Help! Would fat injections help me?

And what kind of cost am I looking at, if that is a possible solution? Also, if I were to use Botox above my top lip, would I lose the ability to pucker my lips (kiss)?

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Cosmoderm and Botox

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You might have Cosmoderm filler placed in this area. Cosmoderm is a collagen filler derived from human collagen. It goes in quite nicely. In fact some physicians prefer that to the hyaluronic fillers in this area. The drawback is it does not last as long ( Evolence breeze has not been approved in the United States yet. This is a collagen filler derived from porcine sources. This would be appropriate in this area.)

Botox can give a very nice result in this area but your physician must be very careful on placement and amount. If he or she is not judicious you may begin to drool. Certainly acceptable, and even considered by some to be cute in a baby, and I guess tolerated in a stroke victim, but not socially acceptable to the general public.

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