What Works Best for Upper Lip Lines?

I'm so upset about upper lip lines. Is it something that plastic surgery can help? Or do you suggest something else?

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Many options for treating upper lip lines

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There are a number of options to treat upper lip lines. Many of which work in synergy.

One thing I like to do is do a subtle lip augmentation along the "white roll". What this does is makes the lip line fuller, get rid of the verticle wrinkles as they enter the lip and improve the overall apperance of the lip. I believe that it also makes the lip more youthful looking and bring the attention to the lip rather than the verticle wrinkles.

Botox can be used around the mouth to weaken the orbicularis muscle and improve the wrinkles around the mouth. Too much can cause difficulty with speech and drooling!! Go to an experienced physician for this type of injection.

Finally Resurfacing, whether with a laser, chemical or dermabrasion can directly remove the wrinkles. The deeper through the skin surface one goes the better the results but also the higher the risks. Traditionally, Phenol peels and CO2 lasers give the best results around the mouth. Usually only fair skin patients are appropriate for this treatment. Some of the newer lasers and "pixels" can be used on all skin types.

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