10 weeks post forehead scar revision, need help please. Still pink and think slightly widened again too (Photo)

Had scar revision done oct 2015 still dark pink and scar looks a bit widened... tried creams plus silicone gel but no joy. Also as already slightly widened any point massaging it??? All replies greatly appreciated

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Scar revision on the forehead

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Vertical scar revisions take time to heal. I would suggest fillers and subcision to improve the scar. 

Dr. Karamanoukian
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Scar Revision Results

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I would say the scar looks like the wound separated somewhat.  It is wider than I would expect.  That being said, depending on where it is on your body, it can be common in some areas for the scars to virtually always widen because of tension.  I think massage at almost a year out is less than likely to improve things.  The color issue is something I usually don't address til the scar is at least a year old.  Color can continue to fade.  It's again possible depending on where this is that the tension and forces at play on the scar can contribute to the persistent color.  I would hold tight for a year for the color, but at this point creams, massaging, etc are less likely to do anything.  The color can often be treated with pulsed dye laser or similar light therapies.  Hope that helps a bit.  Good luck!

Adam Lokeh, MD
Minneapolis Plastic Surgeon
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