Any chance to get improve treatment for acne scars? (Photo)

As you see photo`s, I had severe acne. Steps of treatment acne scars: 1. needling (dermaroller) - 2 times; 2. phenol peel included sanding on scars; 3. TCA cross, microdermabrassion, dermapen (needling), subcision; I compared acne scars photo`s before and after and treatment without effect. Please, I would like to get advice for treatment. Is it possible to improve acne scars or it is no chance.

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Acne Scarring Is Difficult, But There Are a Few Options

As you’ve experienced, acne scarring is a difficult condition to improve.  Expectation is key and even with best treatment, sometimes only 30-50% improvement can be achieved.  It sounds like you’ve explored some reasonable options already.  Other options include laser resurfacing, combined energy microneedling, surgical subcision, and filler.  Consultation with a board certified specialist is a must for these procedures.

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Severe acne scarring even after multiple treatments

I'm sorry you still have significant problems. I would consider using Infini and Bellafill. Some of your scars area so deep that need filling. I'm certain you will have improvements with this therapy. It will take about 3 sessions of each. 

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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