Is UltraPulse Fractionated CO2 Laser Safe and Effective for Keloids?

My son has a small Keloid on his chest from Acne. A local clinic says this would be effective. I cant find data supporting this and dont wont to make it worse with this procedure. what are your thoughts, experience and you know how effective it has been shown in clinical studies?

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Keloids in the chest are difficult

Fractional laser resurfacing could get this to go down. Steroids would be another way to improve the keloids appearance. Excision followed by steroids have been used by many people. The chest is hard to treat and recurrence is sometimes hard to avoid.

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CO2 laser for keloids

Nothing is absolutley safe or predictable in results with true keloids which is a dynamic scarring process that creates a scar that extends way beyond the site of original injury.  Often people refer to hypertrophic scars or typical post traumatic scarring as keloids when they are not.  These later two are much more responsive to laser treatments, intralesional injections of steroid, silicone dressings and 'the tincture of time'  If one has decided to approach a true keloid with excision it can be done with surgical blades or with CO2 or erbium fine beam excision followed by appropriate post excision therapy to prevent recurrence.  Fractionated laser treatments have been shown to have beneficial effects on hypertrophic and atrophic scars, but not effect on a true keloid.  Hope that helps!

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