Why Would a Tummy Tuck with a Second Stage Outer Thigh and Butt Lift Be Recommended over a Single Lower Body Lift Procedure?

I've lost 100 pounds and am planning extensive plastic surgery (lower body lift, thigh lift, arm lift, breast lift with augmentation). A doctor I consulted with does great work but does not do single-stage lower body lifts. He prefers tummy tuck and BL/BA first will outer thigh and butt lift second. I thought the full LBL was pretty common these days. Is there merit to his suggestion? Seems like tying things in later might be challenging, a less consistent result all the way around the body.

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What to do?

I prefer to reshape the entire tummy, waist and back/butt at one time and return to do the breasts at the second procedure. It makes more sense to me to sculpt the entire trunk at once. Just my opinion. If you like his work though go for it the way he reommends.

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