I Have Been Using Trentonin .25 for a Few Months, What Other Creams Are Best Used with It?

Can I use resveratrol with trentonin? I am treating my face for fine wrinkles and slight sagging. Also,an aesthetician told me it is best to use trentonin for a few months and then take a few months off because it thins the skin. I am 56 years old.

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Best Creams to use with RetinA

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Recent changes to the skin care pyramid, place sunscreen on the bottom as the most important thing for us to use. The next most important thing to use is some form of RetinA(tretinoin). The lightest dose is .025, increasing up to .1%. Because tretioins can be drying and cause redness, many patients start low and work up. If tolerating the .025 for 4-6 weeks , I recommend increasing the concentration. Once a patient is at the .1% or the maximum they can tolerate due to irritation, using a Glycolic acid product seems to offer some synergistic effects.

 It is important to work with a physician who understands skin care to monitor your use of these products.

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