Treatments for Red Uneven Skin Tone on Face, or Treatments for Evening out Complexion, Skin Redness

Irish skin tone, aka red and blotchy with some freckles. Also have some areas where the sun has caused almost permanent redness, such as on the tip of the nose. Tired of having to put foundation on 1 or 2 times a day, what other options does one have to even out the complexion in this case?

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PDL is the standard of care for redness

For what I call perma-red, the pulsed dye laser is the best treatment option.  It selectively heats and damages the supeficial blood vessels sparing the neighboring collagen.  It is very safe.  While there is a risk for scarring, I have only seen scars with this laser in the setting of treatments for birthmarks.  It will take several treatments, I tell patients an average of 4.  You may expect some bruising and swelling, but it is all short-lived.  If you mentally commit to the 4 treatments then you will have a very high satisfaction rate.  If you opt for IPL, then I would expect the results to be suboptimal.

Lasers treat a few things very well, while IPLs treat a lot of things just okay.

Good luck.

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Sound like you have a combination of sun damage and rosacea...

and of course that's just what the VBeam is ideally suited to treat...and anything that overheats your body probably makes you extra hot showers, steaming coffee, sizzling spicy foods and alcohol needed to be moderated...and of course, ought to wear a hat when outdoors...typically a life-long condition...

Ken Landow, MD
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