Treatment Options for Scar That is Already Flat but Discolored and Wide?

I had a raised scar, hospital treatment was steroid cortisone injections and now the scar looks flat, but its still visible due to the scar's color difference(discoloration) from my skin color. What kind of treatment do you think might help this scar fade and match my surrounding skin? I was not bothered with this scar until when people in university started to mock me. many thanks for helping.

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Your scar still looks raised

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to me it still looks raised and hypertrophic.  if that is the case, you need KTP laser and 5FU injections to reduce it. when there is a color mismatch if it is red, then i laser with KTP.  if it is brown, you could bleach it but in general a color mismatch has to be handled by cutting it out and redoing it with a geometric broken line as an example.



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