What treatment option should I take for my acne?

I have red spots all around the cheek area, whiteheads and some yellowish type spots around my nose.Also, I feel pain around those areas if touched and sometimes if not too. The problem started when I was 12 now I'm 17 and the acne problem is getting worse day by day. What kind of acne is this? What treatment option should I choose?

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Inflammatory acne is best treated with medical grade creams.

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Dear writer, it sounds like you have early mild to moderate acne, where black heads and white heads, as well as pustules are present. Inflammatory acne is best treated with medical grade creams. I recommend you consult a local board-certified dermatologist for proper care. Commonly, creams containing an agent called 'comedolytic' are used in order to clean the pores and lower oil production by the oil glands on the face and other acne-prone areas. This is the culprit of acne. Common creams that address this include Tazorac, Differin and Retin A. Additionally, creams containing an antibiotic agent (clindamycin, erythromycin, benzoyl peroxide, etc) are used in order to eliminate the bacteria that often grow in acne. You may consult the American Academy of Dermatology website for more information and to locate a provider near you. Best of luck!

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