What Acne Scars Treatments would you recommend for small pitted scars on my nose if Fraxel Laser was ineffective? (photos)

Hi! I have a few acne-related scars on my nose that look like very large pores, one of which is directly on the tip of my nose. I underwent 5 Fraxel re:store treatments, but they didn't improve the scars (and in fact enlarged the surrounding pores on my nose). What would you advise to help minimize these scars? Thank you!

How to treat small pitted scars on nose? (Fraxel didn't help)

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Acne Scar and Pore treatment

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If Fraxel was ineffective I would consider the Ematrix laser.  I would be interested to know what settings were done.  Ematrix is fabulous at reducing pore size and scars.  Please find a dermatologist who is familiar with both lasers for your consultation and best cosmetic results.

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