How Would You Treat Ice Pick Scars on an Indian Female? (photo)

My acne has calmed down, as I am now 26. What I am left with is plenty of ice pick scars. I have done several microderm treatments, and eight Skin Medica Peels. Is this the best my skin is ever going to get? I feel that as a woman of color I do not have many options in the way of scar revision.

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How Would You Treat Ice Pick Scars on an Indian Female? (photo)

It can be tricky using a laser on darker pigmented skin.  If you have exhausted all options such as facial laser resurfacing, we use the C02 Fractionated Laser in our practice with very good results. Although may sound drastic for a woman 26 years old but another option would be a mini face lift which works well in smoothing the skin with ice pick indentations.

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Acne Ice Pick scars in a women of color

Women of color with acne scarring is a challenge. Mainly it is due to the consideration of using some form of resurfacing. The risk is having hypopigmentation or hyperpigmentation. But your choice is should I have improvement of the scars or have lighter or darker skin. TCA Cross could help your ice pick scars. You may then need some more treatment in other ways.

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