Are there any laser's for an old white facial scar, it sits right next to my nose? Please help! (Photo)

I'm looking for some help and guidance with an old raised facial white scar that sits right next to my nose. The older l get the more pronounced it seems to become. Are there any treatments, that will really diminish the look of it. There are so many different types of laser treatments out there, but l'm unsure of what will give me the most positive results. My dermatologist told me to learn to deal with it. Easier said then done. I live in Toronto, and would love some answers. Thank you!

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White scar

Hello, thank you for the picture and question.  Even though it is a relatively small scar, it is visible due to its color as well as the orientation of the scar.  One option may be to do nothing as your dermatologist recommended.  A second option would be to excise the scar and reorient it in the natural nasolabial crease to hide it.  However, that is fairly invasive and risks a fresh scar that would be longer than the scar you have now.  Another option would be to have an experienced permanent tattoo aesthetician blend the color so that it is better camouflaged.  Hope that helps, have a blessed day!

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