I Have Been Using Topical Differin (Adaplene) Till my 21 Weeks of Pregnancy Daily. Will It Harm my Baby in Any Form?

I am scared by knowing right now that it contains adaplene which is a retinoid and it can cause harm to the baby. In the ultrasound, baby is seen fine with normal growth and size.. still I am worried regarding disabilities that I might have caused unknowingly to my baby. I need you help, please help me in clearing this.

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Avoid Differin and other retinoids during pregnancy

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Retinoids, even topical ones, such as Differin, are not recommended for use during pregnany.  That being said, it is unlikely that harm has been done.  Discontinue use of Differin and discuss that matter with your obstetrician. Good luck.

New York Dermatologist

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