What treatment should I do for my acne scars? I'm not sure what type scars they are. They are more visible when I smile (Photos)

I've had acne for a few years now, it's somehow controlled but I have some scarring that I'm not sure how to treat. I did IPL and laser Genesis for about 4 times, Genesis I did longer but combined with a light peeling.They didn't do much for me. Most of this I was doing while still having active acne and the biggest reason for doing was because I have a lot of hyper pigmentation. The doctor I was going to recommended Titan laser for the scars, I believe only because they don't have other lasers.

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In my opinion, you have depressed acne scars that are saucer and box shape as well as some atrophy of the underlying fat. This is the reason that your scars seem to accentuate when you smile. It is important to lift your scars as well as support the base. I would recommend doing a combination of subcision with microneedle radio frequency ( Infini) You will need to be pre-treated with a bleaching cream to prevent post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. After the treatment is completed, if there is still a lack of support, fillers may be used. Hope this helps. Good luck.

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