Developed TMJ During Invisalign Treatment

I did not have any TMJ before starting invisalign, could be caused from grinding. My jaw is slanted and will not open completely. My ortho has offer to give me a partial refund for stopping my treatment and moving me into another type of retainers. Is this good procedure?

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TMJ is rare with Invisalign

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It could be a temporary thing and the final treatment could resolve a lot of future TMJ problems. A nose job takes 6 months to look normal so dont give up too soon with Invisalign. You need to get a second opinion tho.. I would try doing some stretching exercises with your Jaw to reduce the tension in the muscles which causes pain in the TMJ.

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Treatment sounds reasonable

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Changes in the bite (as is the case with orthodontics of any kind) can sometimes cause temporary tenderness with the jaw joints and muscles.  Often completion of care resolves these issues, but ceasing care before completion and doing something else is reasonable.

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