I Have These Tiny Little Dents All over my Cheeks, How Do I Get Rid Of It? (photo)

I have these tiny little dents all over my cheeks,(I think it happens after my acne heals) how do I get rid it?! I also wash me face day and night and acne still pops up :( I just want soft smooth skin. Thanks :)

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Dents on Cheeks/Acne Scars

Scars can occur after acne inflammation. The inflammation is a type of trauma to your skin, which will try to heal itself by producing scar tissue, which is made of collagen. This collagen gives a bumpy texture along with indentations because of the thick arrangement of the fibers.

 Fraxel Dual can be quite effective. The Spectra laser would help get your acne under control. Fraxel Dual will enable your skin to produce new collagen fibers that can fade out the collagen in the acne scars.

Fraxel repair would be even more effective if there is no contraindication for its use

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Acne scarring

Acne scarring can be very difficult to deal with. The first thing, is that if you have active acne you need to get this under control.  If this is old scarring sometimes ablative lasers can help to smooth this areas out. One product that looks promising is LaViv which is made from your own fibroblasts.  This is injected in an intradermal fashion has been shown to improve the acne pitting.

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Acne scar tiny dents and how to improve them

Your scars aren't that terrible and not that deep. But they are pretty comprehensive. I would consider co2 laser resurfacing but I would also do some dermabrasion on top of it to take it deeper. Conservatively I would do active and deep fx to improve it slightly and you may need multiple treatments.

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