Are There Any Promising New Treatments for Stretch Marks?

In this day and age we have achieved so much in science and are working on so many wonderful things. Although, amidst all these big discoveries there are still small problems, like stretch marks. Stretch marks have been detriments to many female's self esteem and as far as I know there is no way to FULLY treat them. Maybe I`m missing something (hopefully). So my question is: Are there any promising new treatments for stretch marks that will be available within 5-10 years?

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Stretch Marks Treatment Options

We have had great success with treating stretch marks with lasers.  There are many treatment options available for the improvement of stretch marks, such as the V-Beam, IPL, Fraxel and Pixel lasers as well as Thermage.  In certain situations, the Excimer laser may work to help lighter skin.  These treatments may be used singularly or in conjunction with topical retinoids to help boost collagen production in the areas of your stretch marks.  I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist experienced in lasers for an in-person assessment. If you want to see our internview on CNN and other t.v. stations please go to our web-site or you tube.

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