Botox in a Bottle?

Is There Anything That's Like Botox in a Bottle for getting rid of lines and wrinkles?

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Currently the only way Botox can be used is by injection by a skilled injector. In development there is supposedly a product which can be applied topically daily to give a temporary paralysis avoiding the need for injections of Botulinum toxin. Don't hold your breath for this product because the FDA has one of the strictest approval processes in the world, which is a good thing for American patients.

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There is no "Botox in a bottle"

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Unfortunately, there is no "Botox in a bottle." Botox Cosmetic works specifically on Ach receptors which, in turn, causes temporary paralysis of the muscle. This results in fewer dynamic wrinkles at the area of injection. There are products which lessen wrinkles to a lesser extent, but these products usually cause the surrounding tissue to swell and thus stretch out the fine wrinkles. This is a completely different mechanism than Botox Cosmetic. I hope this is helpful. David Shafer, MD New York City

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