What is the Best Treatment for Mild to Moderate Box Car Scarring? Fraxel, Excision, Silikon?

I am a 36 year old female who suffered with some cystic adult acne for the last 10 years which left me with some box car scars. I just had a consultation that left me feeling confident in a combination of silikon 1000 filler and fraxel laser. Then I researched and got a little scared of the silikon and wanted to know more about excision of my scars. Is silikon really that scary or is it really better to start cutting on my face? I'm sold on the fraxel in the mix but torn on excision vs. silikon.

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Box car scars and silicon injections and fraxel lasers

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IMO, I don't like the results from fraxel. I have a lot of patients who tell me they have had it and have not had good results. I stay away from silicon injections. I don't like having artificial things in my body unless there is a long history of safety. So that is why I wouldn't give them to my patients. I would suggest a multilayered approach to your acne scars with co2 laser resurfacing.

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For acne scars you have quite a few options. You can do laser treatments, or a facelift to give you optimal results. without examining you or pictures it would be hard to determine which 1 you would benefit from.

Stuart B. Kincaid, MD, FACS (in memoriam)
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