What is the Best Treatment for a Forehead Scar on a 2.5 Yr Old?

My daughter fell and hit her forehead on a coffee table last night. ER doctor gave her 3 stitches and said it was a superficial incision. We were told to remove the stitches in 5 days (Monday? Since pediatrician is not open on saturday or Sunday). What is the best and safest treatment after stitches are removed? and should I have her stitches removed at 4 days or is waiting until Monday, 7 days, be better? Thank you in advance!!!

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Scar treatment after a forehead laceration and scar

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I would listen to the surgeon's advice since he performed the surgery and knows the intimate details.  Depending on the type of scar, revision surgery or laser or scar treatment may be necessary later. 

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