Are the Side-effects of Tretinoin Permanent?

Hello I have always had clear skin but sometimes would get a few zits on my cheeks. These zits just bugged me & would pop up every few weeks so I decided to go see a dermatologist. She had me on Tretenoin .5% cream. I used it on my face for 4 months. Through those 4 months, I got acne all over my face. I have never had acne anywhere other than a certain spot on my cheeks before & it is now everywhere. Its been 7 months since I stopped using Tretenoin. Did it ruin my face permanently?

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Side effects of Tretinoin

If you have stopped using the Tretinoin and still have the acne, the Tretinoin didn't cause it. Stopping an aggravating product will make whatever is happening also stop over a bit of time. If you stopped the Tretinoin over 7 months ago and still have acne, you will need to treat it with something else. While Tretinoin can be strong and irritating for some, it doesn't cause acne, it causes irritation. Perhaps an oral medication would be better for you since topicals seem to irritate your skin.

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