The Never Ending Quest. All About the Eyes? (photo)

hey docs, im 28 y.o asian, struggling with the dark circles + bags for as long as i can remember. 1 of my priority resolution b4 i move into the another decades of my life (the big 3.0) is to reduce or to eliminate the heredity circles & bags as per picture showed. do i act need surgery to eliminates those bags?(if its a bags) do any laser can help with the dark-purplish-veiny-thin eyelid & lower eyelid? or filler such restylene etc is literally enough to improve overall problems of my lower lids?

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Fillers can be very helpful.

First it is essential to understand that the treatment you need is not a commodity service.  It is not a simple matter of finding the best price and then tanking up on product.  You are really asking for your face to be sculpted with these products.  That means your injector needs to have a deep knowledge of mid-face anatomy and an artistic hand to shape and sculpt this area.  Not only can these fillers be very helpful for the under eye area but they can also be used to fill and soften the upper eyelid fold.  In my opinion, laser will not help you very much here.

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