What can I do about terrible pregnancy stretch marks?

I was 93 pounds before I got pregnant and went up to 148! I have stretch marks everywhere. My thighs, calves, stomach, breasts, hips, butt, ect. I've lost a lot of the weight and am down to 102. It's been 5 1/2 months and my stretch marks are healed but still very noticeable and my skin is saggy. I can't wear shorts or even capris, let anyone a swim suit. I really want to know the most effective way to make stretch marks more unnoticeable through color and texture and how to relive saggy-ness.

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Pregnancy stretch marks

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Striae or stretch marks commonly appear due to extensive skin contraction and/or increased glucocorticoid production in puberty, pregnancy, Cushing’s syndrome, exogenous steroid use, and with excessive exercise. Although complete disappearance of stretch marks has been observed, less visible appearance of the scar or stretch mark is a more realistic expectation and result. There are laser treatments available that can help lessen the appearance of stretch marks. Darker skinned individuals may require more treatment sessions. I would recommend that you make an appointment for a consultation with a dermatologist to determine if you are a candidate.

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Post Pregnancy stretch marks

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Stretch marks are a problem. 
They are from rupture of the deep skin layers.
Treatment includes 
  • laser treatment can fade red stretch marks,
  • some lasers can shrink them,
  • tretinoin (retin a) applied for 5 months will shrink them, 
  • and if the skin is stretched and needs to be removed, the stretch marks come with them. 

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