Why Do I Still Have Tear Troughs After Almost a Whole Syringe of Prevelle?

I had prevelle injected into my "tear trough" area almost a week ago, I still have some light brusing and really no difference, it looks just the same as before, I was hoping a filler could fix my problem of always looking tired but it obviously didn't. The doctor only injected along the tear trough area...which I sort of feel like I need more filled in around other areas around my eyes too. Did my Dr. just not do it right? I'm confused since prevelle is supposed to be "instant" results.

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First, I think more filler is needed and would recommend going back to see your doctor to get their opinion and hopefully they took Before photos and you can compare even better.

Also, Restylane-L would be my choice now for tear trough area. Therefore, when you return to your doctor ask if they have Restylane-L perhaps for next syringe,

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Dr. Amy 

Marietta Physician

Tear troughs

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I have had patients that need more than one syringe of filler to correct deep tear troughs.  You may want to try Restalyne next time for a more long-lasting effect.

Tear Trough Correction

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Fillers are very temporary.  Based on the information given, you physician may need to add more product.  Discuss this with your surgeon.  Best wishes!

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Prevelle Silk in Tear Troughs

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From your description, I anticipate you require additional product in your tear troughs.  I recommend Restylane.
Thank you.

Tear trough injections

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  Lots of physicians are encouraging, and lots of folks are having, filler injections to treat tear trough deformity.  In my opinion, the results are mixed--they certainly do not make the tear trough deformity "disappear", but may lessen its depth and its effect on appearance.  Realize that some of Prevelle's volume is local anesthetic and therefore absorbs within a few days.  Certainly, additional syringes can be used to enhance the results if desired.

Lawrence Kass, MD
Saint Petersburg Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Not a great place for filler....

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Filler doesn't always look good in all places and in all people. I am not so crazy about tear trough injections, but then again much of this is a matter of opinion. The best thing and worst thing about fillers are the same....the good ones eventually go away.


Best Regards,

John Di Saia MD

John P. Di Saia, MD
Orange Plastic Surgeon

Under eye filler

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It is always better to be conservative and add more later than to wish less was injected. There is a limit to how much filler can be added in the infraorbital below the eyelid as the filler is better when placed below the muscle above the bone, but there is no bone above the rim of the orbit and this can be a half inch away from the eyelash margin. Your next visit may involve more filler but if this is placed slightly above the tear trough but under the muscle, it may not correct as much as you want. You might need an oculoplastic or plastic surgical consultation for fat repositioning of the eyelid, if that fails.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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