Would simply losing weight fix my issue? (photos)

Athletic body type- broad shoulders and tiny square hips no waist. I know partly it's my genetics. If I lost weight would it make my waist more defined and even out the imbalance? I can't tell if I have a muffin top and my issue is fixable or if I'd need to do something surgical. I would desire fuller hips, but I'm okay with how they are if I can find a way to get even a tiny bit of waist definition. I do have a problem with bloating. I'm 5'6 and I fluctuate from 143-148 pounds.

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Weight loss

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You can always try for weight loss, but you may want to consider doing some body sculpting with SmartLipo/Liposuction. You can get the thinnest waist that way and maintain the hips you now have. See link for more info. Good luck

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