Upper lip and lip-line ruined by acne scarring. What are the treatment options? (Photo)

I am a 21 year old female who has struggled for a long time with hormonal acne which has left some scarring on my face. My upper lip has significantly been affected by what looks like pitted scars and it really hinders my self-confidence and ages my face. I would also like to increase the size of my upper lip for a more symmetrical lip shape as well as reducing the appearance of scarring. What are the options to fix this? Thankyou

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Try Pixel, DOT or Erbium Lasers - but you do have plenty of options!

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Thanks for your question.

Acne scarring is a difficult problem, even in this day and age to treat and results are variable. It can be treated from above and below the skin with lasers (pixel, DOT, erbium or CO2), rollering, subcision, excision and volume (fillers or fat transfer). I personally think prp is over rated but useful with fat transfer. There have been studies to show Botox is useful in some cases.

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Acne scars

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I would recommend a combination of acne fillers and lasers such as Fraxel, V-Beam, eMatrix to help address these scars.  Your skin will be significantly improved after these treatments.  Best, Dr. Green

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