Do acne scars get worse before better?

I got a skin needling treatment about a month ago and my scars now look worse. Do they get worse before better or has the treatment gone badly on me?

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Skin Needling and now your Acne Scars look worse

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This is a unusual. Usually what I hear from clients is that skin needling can actually help most the time. Although the results are very subtle with skin needling, it usually doesn't make it worse. Depending on your situation we would suggest different procedures to help your acne scars. Are most aggressive treatment is called the acne skin vitalizer treatment which is a 5-7 step process that is done in about 2 hours. This procedure has been developed over the past 15 years. It involves treating the acne scars at multiple levels including filling, lasering, deeper skin abrasive treatments, individual treatment attention to each acne scar on your body. The acne scar vitalizer can treat ice pick scars, boxcar scars, rolling scars and elevated scars all at once.

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Microneedling and Acne Scars NYC

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Microneedling done with PRP should improve your scars and not make them worse.  If you could post before and after photos perhaps I could help evaluate the situation better. You should consider eMatrix or Fraxel for the scars in the future. Best, Dr. Green

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